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When you upgrade to SARIN Energy's energy efficient LED lighting from your outdated lighting systems, we GUARANTEE that you will see your utility expense decrease in the first month!

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When you upgrade your lighting system, not only do you save money...
You also help improve the environment.

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About Us

SARIN Energy Solutions, one of the Midwest's most trusted LED lighting companies, partners with businesses of all sizes to replace inefficient lighting systems with energy-efficient LEDs. New technology is making it easier and more affordable than ever to make the switch. Discover how LED lighting can create just the right environment for your company - inside and out. From warehouses and gas stations to office complexes and hotels, let SARIN customize your lighting to reduce utility expenses and maintenance costs. We manufacture, install, and service our equipment, and provide some of the best warranties in the industry.

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Industries We've Serviced

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When creating the perfect setting matters, SARIN Energy has a lighting solution that will meet your unique needs. Our LED lighting offers a versatile selection of lamps and fixtures to give your guests an amazing experience.


Grocery Stores

From making produce pop to keeping parking lots safer, LED lighting can make a drastic improvement to your store. LED lighting has also been found to keep meat fresh longer. All of this results in keeping money in your pocket.


Gas Stations

After fuel prices, safety and cleanliness are the top reasons for choosing one gas station over another. Bright, inviting lighting is the key to attracting more customers. Paired with energy savings, that's good for business.



A bright learning environment is the key to a bright future! LED lighting can provide the perfect atmosphere to boost alertness and enhance learning. Keeping operating costs down is also critical in an environment of growing budget concerns.



Hospitals and healthcare facilities rely on lighting around the clock. These long hours result in short payback periods when making the switch. LED lighting is the only option that is RoHS compliment (no mercury or other heavy metals used in production).

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Warehouses face increasing challenges to reduce operating costs, provide safer working environments, and improve efficiencies. One way to take steps toward accomplishing all of the above is by switching to an LED lighting system.

Why Choose SARIN?

With hundreds of projects under our belt, you can count on our experienced team to do the job right.

We strive to provide the best customer service to every client, every time. SARIN believes in the energy savings from our products so much that we provide a unique financing model that allows many customers to experience zero out-of-pocket expenses.

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