Top 25 Benefits of LED Lighting

Long Lifespan | On average LED lights last 50,000 hours and reduce maintenance and parts cost.

Energy Efficient | Low wattage means minimal energy usage which saves money on utility bills.

Safe | Cool to the touch and work on low voltage systems, plus sufficient light prevents accidents.

Small & Versatile | LEDs can adapt to an infinite number of light applications due to design flexibility.

Better Looking | Great CRI makes colors appear more true to how they look in natural sunlight.

Focused | The 180° directional beams put light where it belongs and lowers manufacturing costs.

 No Light Pollution | The reduced glare is better for wildlife plus safer for drivers and walking pedestrians.

Durable | The solid state design makes LEDs much harder to break even when handled roughly.

Instant On/Off | No warm up period when lights turn on which saves time, unlike metal halides.

Switch Often | Turning the light on or off frequently does not cause strain or damage to the system.

Eco Friendly | No harmful materials like mercury. Safe for the environment and easy to recycle.

Zero UV | UV waves can damage polymers, pigments, dyes and your skin.

Low Voltage | Works well for solar applications and meets code in restricted areas like flood zones.

Hot or Cold | Operate effectively in extreme conditions like in a hot kitchen or cold freezer.

Color Temperature | A variety of color options – from bright white to warm yellow or cool blue.

Silent | No annoying noises like clicking, buzzing, low humming or flickering sounds.

Low Cost | Advances in LED technology make the investment price drop continuously.

Low Heat | Very little heat is produced which saves on energy and air conditioning costs.

Fits Regulations | Incandescent lighting technology is being phased out and LEDs are encouraged.

Tax Cuts | State tax credits are available for ENERGY STAR certified products across 70+ categories.

State Rebates | Local municipalities offer a number of incentives when you upgrade to LEDs.

Utility Incentives | Earn rebates from the utility company when you change to energy-efficient LEDs.

Intelligent | Smart sensors enable more efficient systems so users can control lights with mobile apps.

Dimmable | Creates ambiance as well as further increases the lifespan and energy efficiency.

Good for You | The short-wave blue lights increase cortisol levels which lowers stress and anxiety.

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