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Add a layer of protection and security for your customers and staff.


UVC Sterilization germicidal lights kill the cells of viruses, bacteria, and other germs without leaving behind chemicals. Studies show most microbes can be eradicated in 10 seconds on average at a distance of 6 inches from a UVC device.


SARIN’s UVC products have numerous safety features to prevent accidental exposure to people and animals including motion detectors, gravity sensors, pressure switches, child safety locks, and timers.


Sterilization lights are ideal for disinfecting large areas without manual labor, human error, or cross contamination. In most cases simply press a button and relax as your entire room (and the air) is sanitized. 


Science Behind UVC Sterilizing Lights

Get an in-depth look at how UVC sterilization germicidal lights can be used for disinfection and what that means to you. In this video you will see:

Dr. Takrima Sadikot, PhD Molecular Biology & Biochemistry Associate Professor Washburn University
Inayat Noormohmad, President/Founder SARIN Energy

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How Does UVC Light Work?

UVC technology has been in use by hospitals for its clinically validated effectiveness in killing germs since the 1930s.

Any living cell that is exposed to UVC light will be affected⁠—including viruses, bacteria, yeast, mold, algae, amoebas, and allergens.

The UVC energy penetrates outer layers of a cell and is absorbed in the DNA or RNA, damaging nucleic acids. Once nucleotides are fused, a microorganism is inactivated by losing its ability to reproduce and infect. This entire process happens within seconds of adequate UVC exposure.

Simple-structure organisms like viruses and bacteria are the most vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation, whether airborne or on a surface.

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Safety must be ensured as UV radiation used in most sterilization lights may be harmful to the skin and eyes. Products which emit UVC light are completely safe when used correctly and have been proven to reduce the risk of contracting an illness.

Rapid Handheld UVC Sanitizer Wands

Our powerful set of cordless wands will sterilize a surface within 25 seconds. Hover 1/2-2 inches above your desired area and let it work its magic. Both larger models have a safety feature to shut off when facing upward. The pocket-sized models fold.

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Commercial UVC Sterilizer

This effective and efficient sterilizer can disinfect a ~225 ft2 room in 15 minutes. With a range of up to ~650 ft2, this light has intelligent motion sensor safety features that deactivate the light if someone enters the area.

UVC Sterilization Troffer

A permanent fixture to regularly sterilize a room, this troffer covers a 350-400 ft2 area at a height of 10-20 ft. It comes standard with remote control and hard-wired operation, with the option to add mobile app capability to manage lighting groups.

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UVC High-Powered Induction Lamp

Primarily used for air purification within HVAC systems, this intense ultraviolet lamp can maintain sterilization for an air volume of 70,500 ft3. Units like these can be controlled with a switch or wired to turn on automatically with other systems.

UVC Fully Automatic Sterilizer

Create a clean and safe experience for your clients with a fully automated UVC system. Intelligent programming allows this device to clean touch points on self-service machines after each and every visitor. No human intervention is required.

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UVC Intelligent ATM Sterilizer

This effective and efficient sterilizer can disinfect a ~225 ft2 room in 15 minutes. With a range of up to ~650 ft2, this light has intelligent motion sensor safety features that deactivate the light if someone enters the area.

Mobile UVC Sterilizer Units

Unfold the sterilizer arms to allow maximum exposure and clear a room of up to ~1,500 ft2. This light is perfect for facilities that require thorough residue-free cleaning. This product comes in two variations based on your requirements.

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Suspended UVC Sterilizer

Perfect for restaurants and industrial environments, this remote controlled UVC Sterilizer affects a ~400 ft2 area with 99.9% effectiveness against pathogens. That way you can keep a work area consistently safe and sanitized.

UVC Sterilization Bag

The LED chips inside this bag emit both UVC and UVA light to sterilize with power greater than 20X the intensity of the sun. Plus, it only takes 5 minutes to disinfect. A gravity sensor in the lid prevents this from activating while it is open.

uvc light, UVC Home Page
uvc light, UVC Home Page

UVC Sterilizing Wireless Charger

This smart phone fast charging box utilizes UVC and Ozone to sterilize every crevice of your device. The aromatherapy oil diffuser inside adds a pleasing fragrance during disinfection. This is large enough to fit most mobile phones.

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Please Note:

UVC light can cause loss of vision and temporary acute redness or ulceration (sunburn) to exposed skin. To prevent exposure, do not operate the device in any way that allows UVC light to be visible during operation. Do not stare directly at the activated bulb or disinfecting target zone. Avoid touching a UVC bulb with bare hands. Fingerprints may result in reduced performance and can significantly shorten the lifespan of the lamp unless they are removed with alcohol. Please read all instruction manuals for UV product safety requirements before the operation.