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We have combined the THC and terpene-boosting power of HID with the efficiency and energy savings of LED to create the ultimate Marijuana Grow Light system.

With a team of experienced technicians and engineers to walk you through every step of the implementation process, SARIN’s Grow Lights are the easy choice for ‘growing’ businesses.

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High PPE

2.6 μmol·J

PPE measures a light fixture's efficiency for converting electrical energy into PAR light.
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Enriched Peaks

30% Stronger than sunlight with 450nm (blue) and 660nm (red) peaks to boost photosynthesis.
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RJ-45 Ports

This device is dimmable and works with all known 0-10V and PWM control systems.
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Wet Locations

IP65 Rating

Protected against humidity, moisture, and weak jets of water such as sprinklers.
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Any Voltage

120V / 277V / 480V

To calculate your amp draw, just divide the fixture wattage by your input voltage.
Maximize Marijuana Potency, Yield, and Aesthetics
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Ultraviolet A Add-On

Trigger a photomorphogenic response to boost concentration levels of THC, CBD, and terpenes.

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Smart Control System

Program schedules, monitor the air, and network devices to maximize yield.

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Power Link Capability

Simplify wiring and electrical hardware to reduce labor and installation costs.

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