Downtown Topeka Water Tower Lighting Project

downtown topeka water tower

Downtown Topeka Water Tower Lighting Project

TOPEKA, Kansas (KSNT) – In just two weeks, Downtown Topeka will have a bright, new addition to it’s skyline. A group of architects, computer engineers and energy companies are working to breath new life into a water tower at 11th and Kansas Ave.

“I drove by this going to work for the last 11 years or so and just was thinking about it. I kept on thinking about it, kept going back to it,” said Bryan Falk.

Falk applied for an Arts Connected grant worth $6,000 to build a digital art instillation. From there SARIN Energy donated a large portion of the lights controls and wire cost. Torgeson Electric helped with installation, materials and engineering.

The project turns the bland water tower into The SARIN Energy Downtown Topeka Water Tower. Color changing, animated LED lights bring the project to life. Jason Adams has donated his time to help program the installation. Falk said the installation will change as the seasons change.

“Our imagination is the only thing that limits us really on this. We can control brightness, intensity, color, and we can make it kind of like an animation if we want,” said Falk.

The tower will be lit for the first time during a ceremony on July 7. Falk hopes it will draw people to the downtown area.

“I hope that people driving through on I-70 see this in the evening and they see it lit up and they’re drawn to it almost like a beacon,” said Falk.

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