What Does a Premium Quality LED Panel Look Like?

All LED lights are not created equal. Raw materials, design, manufacturing and quality control play a vital role in the performance and lifetime of an LED fixture. For example, Bulb Basics T8 tubes have a 0.8 mm thick aluminum housing, which dissipates heat more effectively than standard 0.5 mm tubes. Bulb Basics LED A19 bulbs last 25,000 hours, whereas typical LED bulbs fail at ≈10,000 hours. Look deeper into our high quality panels below.

Manufacturing Features

  Quality LED | Gold wire bonded LED, high efficiency and lumen output

  No Light Leakage | Tightly fixed and the gap is carefully covered by sealant

  LED Protector | LEDs will not be damaged due to LGP expansion

  Embedded Groove | Able to support various accessories and installations

  UV Solidity | Great insulation plus strong strain and tension relief

  Earthquake Proof | Pre-installed kit prevents ceiling panels from falling

Build Materials

, What Does a Premium Quality LED Panel Look Like?
, What Does a Premium Quality LED Panel Look Like?

Why Does PMMA Matter?

, What Does a Premium Quality LED Panel Look Like?

PS (Polystyrene) Plate

The image above shows two sets of panel lights 6 months after installation. The left side has PS light guide plates. The right side has PMMA light guide plates. PS is a popular material in the United States due to its low price, but it inevitably turns yellow with dark spots which reduces the power conversion efficiency.

PMMA (Acrylic) Plate

The advantages of PMMA include age-resistance and higher light transmittance when compared to PS. Even after years of usage, the color and efficiency will have minimal change.

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