Which Type of Panel Is Right for Me?

Edge-lit Panels
Edge-lit Panels have a row of LEDs along the inner frame that face inwards. Light is emitted towards the center of the panel along a PMMA light guide plate which evenly disperses light through the diffuser.

Direct-lit (Backlit) Panels
Direct-lit (Backlit) Panels are a less complex design. They have several rows of LEDs across the back of the interior of the panel that shine straight down through a simple diffuser.

Pros & Cons

, Which Type of Panel Is Right for Me?

Edge-Lit Panel Pros:
+ Extremely thin
+ More versatile mounting applications
+ Even and “shadowless” illumination
+ High quality PMMA material doesn’t yellow
+ Anti-glare properties
+ Easy to install

Edge-Lit Panel Cons:
– More expensive to manufacture
– Slightly higher energy consumption

, Which Type of Panel Is Right for Me?

Direct-Lit Panel Pros:
+ Thin compared to troffers
+ Higher energy efficiency
+ Less expensive to manufacture
+ More directional light
+ Consistent and powerful brightness
+ Easy to install

Direct-Lit Panel Cons:
– Thicker with fewer mounting applications
– Light is not as even, with minor shadows


Both designs have specific characteristics and usage purposes. An edge-lit panel is thinner and spreads light more evenly across a room to avoid dark spots and directional shadows. It is ideal for areas such as office environments where smooth lighting and reduced glare are important. A backlit panel is inexpensive and perfect
for commercial spaces that need task lighting or public places where individuals do not stay for long durations.

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